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The Tree

If trees could talk imagine all the stories they could tell, Of the land that lay before them, where the creatures live and dwell. From the Vikings of the dark age to the land that time forgot, From the many different cultures and the wars that they have fought. They have faced the mighty Grizzly bear with scars upon their chest, embraced the tender humming bird providing it a nest. Amazing are the trees of life that span through time and space, protecting all the wildlife that all those trees embrace. They give us wood, we make the fire and paper for our pen, then each new spring they sprout anew and they will grow again. Even wild forest fires cannot keep them down, For when the ashes clear out the new saplings can be found. See long before the dawn of man, and long after we've past, Trees belong upon this earth and they will surely last. But still I have to wonder of those stories they would tell, All the horrors that befell them, that would make t