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You only get one body so it comes as no surprise, to live the best life you can live you need to exercise. Get off your chair, put down that game, and maybe take a hike stretch your legs, perhaps a jog, or you could even bike. Take a swim, or jumping jacks, or even run in place, push ups, sit ups, cartwheels, tumbles maybe lift some weights. You will feel good or maybe pain, your body will take shape, then as you fall into routine, you will start to feel great. You will like the way you look and love the way you feel, the energy you find inside will make your body heal. So if you want some muscle or some tone back in your thighs, get up get moving form a plan of daily exercise.

Mother Nature

Mother nature finds a way, she renews life, death and decay. She brings the rain to save the drought, shines the sun so leaves will sprout. Mother nature is the queen, of all we see, and that unseen. Through her touch and in her hand, she brings the beauty to the land. Yes mother nature helps us stay, she gives us life, and lights our way